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EQL.CO is where equestrian style meets street wear online, highlighting cavalier-inspired trends and insights from around the world.

When EQL.CO established their company, the founder wanted to work with a branding agency to help design a logo that reflected both the traditional equestrian image typically associated with competitions, as well as the sophisticated, high-end fashion that they are passionate about. To encompass these fundamental aspects of the EQL.CO brand identity, our creative design team produced a custom logo with two horses surrounding a saddle buckle in order to maintain an elite equestrian theme.

Established by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, the Wallops Launch Range is the primary rocket launch facility for NASA.

The NASA Wallops launch range has supported NASA government programs for years while offering access to numerous suborbital and orbital flight operations. After the decline of the shuttle program, Wallops altered its mission to become the nation’s premier test and operational range. With this new brand strategy, Wallops used Blue Fountain Media as their branding agency to make a logo design that would successfully launch the brand forward and align with their company branding.

The leading single source provider helping business clients find simplicity in complex multi-location, multi-network technology deployments.

With a rich 22 year history and over 25,000 business clients, the BCN brand is experiencing massive growth. However with their updated website design, they were in need of a unified brand presence that translated online and offline. Blue Fountain Media developed a creative strategy for BCN’s branding and design that would highlight the existing value of the company, while giving them a modern look and feel. On top of a website design, our team delivered a collection of creative design materials, including print and marketing collateral, which effectively communicates the complexity of BCN’s offerings through a simple new brand design.