Logo & Branding

In the 21st century, most decisions at the consumer level are driven by emotion, and made with minimal research. At Atlas, we work with our clients to understand their target customer, then design and brand them to be appealing specifically to that demographic. This is when branding is at it’s best, when a potential customer makes a call, just becasue you looked like the right
company for them.

Featured Logo Design Projects

Our logo design services help brands stand apart from the competition. A creative logo design can elevate your branding and represent your company in a meaningful way.

EQL.CO is where equestrian style meets street wear online, highlighting cavalier-inspired trends and insights from around the world.

When EQL.CO established their company, the founder wanted to work with a branding agency to help design a logo that reflected both the traditional equestrian image typically associated with competitions, as well as the sophisticated, high-end fashion that they are passionate about. To encompass these fundamental aspects of the EQL.CO brand identity, our creative design team produced a custom logo with two horses surrounding a saddle buckle in order to maintain an elite equestrian theme.

Established by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, the Wallops Launch Range is the primary rocket launch facility for NASA.

The NASA Wallops launch range has supported NASA government programs for years while offering access to numerous suborbital and orbital flight operations. After the decline of the shuttle program, Wallops altered its mission to become the nation’s premier test and operational range. With this new brand strategy, Wallops used Blue Fountain Media as their branding agency to make a logo design that would successfully launch the brand forward and align with their company branding.

The León Group is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations with their landscaping, cleaning, lawn, and pool services.

After renaming the company, The León Group wanted to replace their outdated logo design with something that reflected the modern home maintenance they do for their customers in the Hamptons, without losing their family-owned and operated brand identity. Our design team researched their family crest, and worked to create a corporate logo with an updated and clean look to help them stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Anthony George is a high-end tile company located in the Hamptons that specializes in enhancing the look and feel of backyards, kitchens, and bathrooms.

As a business that gained success through word-of-mouth, the introduction of a new storefront for Arthur George on Long Island’s east end meant that they needed a real brand marketing campaign. Our talented team of designers created a custom logo design that encompassed the business with a personal touch. A geometric monogram gave Arthur George a bold new look, while illustrating their expertise in mosaic tilework.

Dance.com is the first and only social network for the dance community, connecting studios, businesses, and all lovers of dance on one exclusive platform.

When the concept of Dance.com took shape, the new online community needed to make a logo design that was simple and reflective of every style of dance. With each form having its own distinct look and feel, our team was able to create a logo identity that evoked a feeling of movement in an all-encompassing and timeless way. As a social network, the modern simplicity of the Dance.com logo makes it ideal for future brand marketing.

Winchester Electronics fuels the progressive industry of electronics by serving as a leading global provider of interconnect solutions.

Winchester Electronics needed a refreshed business logo that illustrated their technical capabilities and conveyed their passion for quality in the electronics industry. Our designers merged the Winchester name into a custom logo that takes a streamlined and modern approach to the products that they manufacture. This updated brand strategy and logo brand design reflects their emphasis on providing service that fosters innovation for their customers.

Fantastic Fabrics supplies customers with the highest quality fabrics at the lowest and most competitive prices possible.

As a startup company operating out of New York City’s historic Garment District, Fantastic Fabrics wanted a brand identity that reflected their crafty roots. Our team designed a custom logo that incorporated the universally recognizable symbol of a needle and thread, with the name of the brand itself. This handmade look communicates the work that Fantastic Fabrics does, while catering to their targeted demographic of art and fashion students.

Ewing Engineered Solutions supplies a range of products, services, and communications to U.S. and worldwide government agencies.

With an established reputation in government communications, Ewing wanted to redesign their business logo while maintaining their brand identity. Our team incorporated the same font as the existing logo design, but created a custom icon to modernize the Ewing image. Emphasizing their work in the fields of military and technology, our logo designers combined an Eagle and a shield to illustrate authority, trust, security, and protection.

Between The Bread provides world-class cuisine to New Yorkers through their eateries and events that put a modern twist on old-world charm.

Since 1979, Between The Bread has experienced a number of different restaurant logos. The company wanted their most recent brand strategy to focus on their use of simple ingredients and farm-to-table beliefs, while still appearing chic and metropolitan. Our creative designers were able to take these values and meet their needs by pairing a hand-drawn typeface with an image of an herb, illustrating their commitment to freshness, unmistakable quality, and presentation.

BioWars is an online digital comic book and game where heroes of the immune system battle invading microbes to combine learning and entertainment.

BioWars worked with our team to design a logo that encompassed all the fundamental themes of their digital comic book. To stand apart from competitors, BioWars required a design that was memorable and would help represent the stories, as well as the overall brand identity. With a sharp style that gave off a biological and technological feel, their bold, edgy, and clean new logo design perfectly fit the visual elements of the BioWars comic.

The Execu|Search Group is a recruitment firm that strengthens the workforce by connecting high end clients with candidates looking to grow professionally.

In order to appeal to their professional demographic, The Execu|Search Group needed a refreshed brand identity. Our logo design ideas included a renovated and updated look that added dimension to the company’s initials through a 3D metallic monogram. This new corporate logo design gave the business a mature and entrepreneurial look that appeals to the high-end clients they serve.

Portmantos is a unique online store that offers high-quality premium luggage tailored to the needs and personalities of individual travelers.

As a new business, Portmantos came to our team looking for a custom logo design that would showcase their close connection to 18th century luxury luggage. Our designers crafted a logo that evokes a feeling of indulgence and elegance, while maintaining a retro vibe. A customized “P” stamped at the top adds a personal touch to represent the quality products, and enriched shopping experiences associated with their overall brand identity.

Benefits of Logo Design

Logo Design Process

Our intricate process ensures that your logo design is a success.


Designing a logo for your business begins with the exploratory phase, where designers will present you with over 20 different logo designs to understand what logos you like and dislike stylistically.

Word Cloud

Designers put all the adjectives that have been mentioned into a word cloud, and physically draw connections from word to word so that they can begin to identify concepts that will inspire the logo design.


Designers will begin sketching illustrations by hand that are symbolic of what you want the design to represent.

Internal Review

When the first round of designs is completed, our team of designers will look to our entire staff and use them as an extra set of eyes, making sure the logos produced meet the high standards of our talented team.

Client Presentations

Our designers will put together a presentation for you and your team, showcasing the top 3 to 5 logo designs in black and white.

Once reviewed, we’ll go back to the drawing board to tailor the designs to your feedback.


After selecting your favorite logo, we carefully think about the messaging your brand wants to communicate, and identify and test out colors aligned with those emotions.

Final Logo

Our team will work tireless with you so that all of your needs are met and the final logo serves as a perfect demonstration of all that your brand strives to represent.