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Website Design

Engage customers with a unique automotive website
that is designed to fit the needs of your brand.

How to Design a Successful
Non-Profit Website

Turn Visitors into Advocates

One of the primary objectives of any non-profit website design is to turn your visitors into ambassadors for your cause. Through the use of social media, email newsletters, and retargeted ads, you can build a community while you build your brand. Icons navigating visitors to these options should be visible and strategically integrated into your website design so that people can engage with them without it interfering with the functionality of the site itself. Providing informative content gives your followers the opportunity to advocate on your behalf, promote your ideas, and share your resources using their various channels, paving the way for a united community of online supporters.

Share Thought Provoking Content

Your site should be full of powerful text, photography, and videos that appeal toan audience's emotions and tells the story behind your non-profit organization. Consider incorporating a blog into your website design, and use it as an outlet to sharestatistics, industry news, testimonials, infographics, and overall insight into thework that you do. Content is an opportunity to spread awareness about your cause, andprovide visitors with some background about what you do. Use it as a powerful tool to lay out the information needed for people to understand your cause and discover how they can help your organization achieve its goals.

Present Clear Calls to Action

A non-profit website normally aims to achieve conversions that come in the form of donations or volunteers. You want the design of your website to make this conversion process easy for visitors by presenting them with the information and navigation needed to get there. A donation button needs to be clearly marked, attention-grabbing, and constantly visible no matter what page people might travel to on your website. Your call to action should tell donors what their contribution does for the organization as a whole, and give a roadmap of where a donor's money will end up once it is invested into furthering your cause.

Include a Responsive Design

Having a website with a responsive design is a crucial element for any organization hoping to grow their digital presence. Individuals should be able to access your website from any device, and in today’s digital world, mobile access is essential. Not only does this help your website gain a broader audience, but it allows these visitors to share your information on other mobile platforms like social media and their personal contacts. Having a website with a responsive design makes finding and engaging with your organization a simple process for any and all visitors.

Provide Access to Resources

It is important to keep in mind that there are going to be individuals visiting your website who are looking for your help and access to your services. You want to make sure that your website design features elements that cater to these people, and provides all of the necessary resources for them to get the help and information that they need. Include testimonials from individuals you have already worked with, feature stories that emotionally connect people, and display research with statistics to visually communicate the work that you do. These elements will allow visitors to gain a better understanding of the passion behind your cause.