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How to Design a Successful
Real Estate Website

Responsive Design

Having a website that is optimized for mobile devices is crucial in creating an online platform for the real estate industry. With the steady increase in mobile users, the importance of having an accessible digital presence on all devices has never been clearer. Having a responsive design allows your website to automatically adjust to fit the specific needs of the individual visitor. This will provide your customers with an optimal online experience, and help your business stand out against industry competitors.

Professional Imagery

Clients want to see a property online and have a confident understanding of what it looks like before moving forward. This requires setting their expectations and showcasing your locations through high quality imagery. These photos provide visitors with enough details to become interested in a property, and enough curiosity to contact your agency for further information. Incorporating this imagery into your real estate website design is an essential first step in turning a visitor into a client.

Custom Search Options

Allow customers to find exactly what they are looking for by incorporating customized search features into your real estate website design. With specific budgets, amenities, location, and transportation interests, clients need to be able to refine and sort through property listings easily on your website. Interactive design features such as maps or “favorites” can help visitors organize their interests into a customized list that is easy to understand, and provides them with an optimal online experience.

Prominent Contact Information

It should be easy for visitors to get in contact with your company, find your location, and gather any other necessary information on your website quickly and easily. Prominently featuring these details gives your real estate business an additional level of credibility that will resonate with potential clients. Incorporating additional features such as reviews, reports, and client testimonials will help your online audience get a better idea of the work that you do, and the influence you have within your industry.

Regional Content

Providing visitors with useful content about the area surrounding a property listing can play a large role in helping them make a purchase. You want to present detailed information about the neighborhood, schools, and nearby attractions in order to give a full view of what the community around a home is really like. With a proper design strategy in place, you can integrate this content into the navigation of your website in a way that does not distract from the overall user experience.